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Gian Carlo Menotti: The Consul review

Opera Nuova’s opening production in this year’s Opera Festival is a harrowing but fascinating evening, showing that a 1950 Pulitzer Prize Winning opera can be as relevant as it was 72 years ago.
Review by Mark Morris


Like Rum-Drunk Angels book review

Kyle Levesque gives an honest, thoughtful review on Tyler Enfield’s third novel, and it proves to be a very different take compared to the glowing reviews by The Globe and Mail and CBC. “This book is bad”,  he writes. Read the full review to find out why.



West Side Story review

Stephen Spielberg has done the unthinkable, and filmed a remake of the most famous musical of all time: West Side Story. Rachel Papulkas has a few trepidations before seeing it, but they are blown away by the movie.




All is Bright Festival review

Kristen Maiorana wanted to be reminded of her childhood experieinces of Christmas, so she braved the cold with her roommates to 124th Street’s All is Bright Winter Festival, and indeed met Santa there.


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