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Dreamspeakers International Indigenous Film Festival review

Guest student film buff Pip Pomroy attends the Dreamspeakers International Indigenous Film Festival, based in Edmonton, and says, “I learnt about issues I’d never heard of, and discovered multitudes about ones I’d previously heard of, but didn’t know enough about.”

Loss of Culture: A Dreamspeakers International Indigenous Film Festival Review 2

Guest student Callum Hughes also attends the Dreamspeakers International Indigenous Film Festival,  and reviews a different set of movies from Pip Pomroy’s review.

Four Indigenous Role Models In and Around Edmonton

Chaylene Ribbonleg explores four vital Indigenous role models in the Edmonton and Alberta areas. These influencers advocate for Indigenous rights, culture and traditions.

Black Women and their Experiences with their Hair

Vanessa Agbulu shares experiences with two of her Edmonton Nigerian friends about their relationship with their hair. ““We have to straighten our hair, wear wigs to hide it or do our hair in acceptable styles in order to get and keep a job… or not get kicked out of school.”

A Tour of Edmonton Best Donairs

Chaylene Ribbonleg explores some of Edmonton’s 120 donair shops. She explores the city with friends, family and delicious food. Check out her top 5 picks in this article. 

Anna Marie Sewell’s Humane: book review

Humane by former Edmonton poet laureate Anna Marie Sewell is a First Nations crime thriller, and her first novel, but Chaylene Robbonleg doesn’t enjoy it.

An introduction into Edmonton’s Tattoo Parlors

 Chaylene Ribbonleg goes searching for a local Edmonton artist to do her next tattoo.

Remembering Grandma. Writing Pysanka.

Kelsey discusses her Ukrainian heritage and the traditions her Ukrainian Grandmother may or may not have passed down to her. She reminisces on her childhood and great memories.

Netflix's Deadly Illusions review

“Don’t get me wrong,” writes Vanessa Agbulu, ” the entire movie is filled with stale, lifeless and at many times overly dramatic acting. But here Kristin Davis manages to deliver the calibre of acting you can only find in a low-budget, straight-to-TV movie.” Nonethless, Vanessa, taking delight in watching a really bad movie, has to see its awefulness right through…

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