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Like Rum-Drunk Angels book review

Kyle Levesque gives an honest, thoughtful review on Tyler Enfield’s third novel, and it proves to be a very different take compared to the glowing reviews by The Globe and Mail and CBC. “This book is bad”,  he writes. Read the full review to find out why.



Winter Wonderland at Manchester Square review

Manchester Square’s unusual architecture comes alive with Christmas lighting, as Kristen Maiorana discoveres when she goes to the Winter Wonderland day, culminating in a sleigh ride.



West Side Story review

Stephen Spielberg has done the unthinkable, and filmed a remake of the most famous musical of all time: West Side Story. Rachel Papulkas has a few trepidations before seeing it, but they are blown away by the movie.




All is Bright Festival review

Kristen Maiorana wanted to be reminded of her childhood experieinces of Christmas, so she braved the cold with her roommates to 124th Street’s All is Bright Winter Festival, and indeed met Santa there.



Abandoned Alberta review 

Alberta is a photographers treasure-trove of abandoned buildings. Caelen Scott is captivated by Joe Chowanie’s exhibition of Abandoned Alberta at the Royal Alberta Museum which runs until January 9. 


A Christmas Carol at the Citadel review 2

Douglas MacDonald has vivid memories of being taken to the Citadel Theatre’s famous version of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol when he was a child. Now he visited the new, updated, Citadel production, and – apart from the stunning special effects – wonders why.



DARK at Fort Edmonton Park review

DARK is Fort Edmonton’s annual Hallowe’en haunting event. Kaylene Stefaniuk went along to see how scary it actually was.


Soak, Stripe, Splatter review

Juanita Cordova goes to see the exhibition based around colour at the Art Gallery of Alberta, which runs until January 30. She really enjoys what she sees, as does her partner, even though he is blue/purple deficient. 


The Weather Station at the Starlight review

Juanita Corova goes to the Startlight Room for a concert by soft rock/indie folk band The Weather Station, of music from their latest album, and enjoys what she hears.



Magic of the Lights: a dog’s review

Nevada the Pom Maltese, our guest canine reporter, visits the magic of the ligths with Cam and Corrinna. He enjoys the spectacle, but is a bit miffed there isn’t any food… What were they thinking?



Luminaria at the University of Alberta Botanical Gardens review

Juanita Cordova goes to see the annual light show at the University of Alberta Botanical Gardens, loves the lights, misses the Cree drumming, but delights in the bannock.




Rosie’s Bar & Grill review

Cassandra Wong is taken on a workplace party to try  the karaoke night at Rosia’s Bar & Grill, off Whyte Avenue.



Jason Kenny’s Hot Boy Summer preview

The new satirical musical from Edmonton’s Grindstone Theatre has been such a success that the run has already been extended once. Now the theatre is to revive the production again in January, and Caelan Scott previews the shenanigans.



Candlelight: Halloween review

Abigail Troppmann attends the Candlelight series and has a blast listening to the string quartet play classic Halloween songs.



The Hating Game: a Book to Movie comparison review

Abigail Troppmann is expects to be disappointed when there’s a movie adaptation of a favourite book. But she has no such worries about the new movie of Sally Thorne best-selling love-hate romantic comedy novel, The Hating Game.




Travis Matthews at the Arcadia Brewing Co review

Like so many Edmontonians, Levi Kettner is a long-term fan of the Edmonton musician Travis Matthews. He goes and listens to Matthews rturn-after-Covid concert at the Acadia Brewing Company.



Pink Gorilla restaurant review

Travis McNaught ventures out to the coolest pizzeria in town and reviews its unique dishes and decor, all under the watchful eye of a pink, spray-painted gorilla.


Canada vs. Mexico: a soccer review

Douglas MacDonald goes to Commonwealth Stadium to watch Canada play Mexico in their bid to qualify for the new World Cup., and soaks in not only the soccar but the atmosphere as well.




Say Uncle pub review

Kyle Levesque starts his night out with friends by eating at Edmonton’s Say Uncle bar. He’s disappointed by the entrees, but finds the sandwiches  wonderful.


Old Strathcona Ghost Tour review

Rachel Papulkas takes the Old Strathcona ghost tour, but in the end doesn’t find herself that scared..



Edmonton’s Best Horror Movies review

Piper Keyes surveys the best horror movies that have been shot in Edmonton, and throws in a little bit of movie and city history as well.




Alberta Ballet’s Nutcracker review

Rachel Papulkas enjoys Tchaikovsky’s most famous ballet at the Jubilee, featuring Christopher Anderson’s highly anticipated directorial debut.


The Alpinist review

Levi Kettner reviews one of the more remarkable mountaineering movies of recent times, The Alpinist, which is now showing on Amazon Prime. The documentary movie, featuring stunning photography, follows the life of the late Canadian alpinist Marc-Andre Leclerc.




Interview with Hangshen Chen

Hangshen Chen is a student and young Edmonton film-maker. Cassandra Wong talks to him about his latest short, Reject Reality, Embrace Fiction, which reflects escapism during Covid. Included is the film itself (on YouTube).




A Christmas Carol at the Citadel review

Kirsten Dika is something of a grouch when it comes to Christmas. Then she went to the Citadel Theatre for the first time to see their  production of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. “By the time the end of the play came around, I realized my sour mood was gone, and I was feeling excited about Christmas…”



A brief guide to Edmonton’s most captivating cafes

Kristen Maiorana is a dedicated café frequenter, and in this guide she selects five of her Edmonton favourites.



Bourbon and Burlesque at the Spolight Cabaret review

Juanita Cordova goes to a burlesque show, is a bit suprised that there is so much nudity, and enjoys the event so much that she’s going to book for her birthday.




Edmonton Rock and Gem Show review

Abigail Troppmann has been fascinated by rocks and gems and crystal since childhood. So she went along to the Edmonton Rock and Gem Show, and, in spite of being somewhat disappointed, came home with a bundle of goodies.


The Fiancée review

Holly Lewis is best known as an actor, but Douglas MacDonald discovers her skills as a playwright, in her hilarious new comedy at the Citadel Theatre.



Darrin Hagen’s Metronome review

Travis McNaught, who first encountered playwright and actor Darrin Hagen when Hagen was writer-in-residence at the University of Alberta, is moved by his new autobiographical one-person show, Metronome.



From Another Flea review

Being a student on a limited budget, Abigail Dilullo enjoys buying clothes from thrift stores, but is finding that many of the best items are being snapped up by fashionistas. So she goes to visit one of Edmonton’s growing number of vintage clothes stores.



Hollywood Has Arrived: The Last of Us takes over the streets of Edmonton

Gamer Corrinna Massey goes and sees the streets of Edmonton transformed into the world of the video game The Last Of Us, as HBO films its new series.



Candlelight: Best of Anime Soundtracks review

Cassandra Wong goes to the Pioneer Cabin for an evening of hits from the soundtracks of anime movies, and discovers she knows more about the context of the music than the performers.




Edmonton Comedy Festival: Media Challenge

Cassandra Wong experiences the 11th Annual Edmonton Comedy Festival Media Challenge, and ends up wondering how much controversy is too much, and where are the boundaries for comedy?



Short Stop Documentaries 1.0 at IEFF review

Rachel Papulkas takes in the short documents at the Edmonton International Film Festival, back live on the silver screen.



LitFest 2021 review

Kyle Levesque takes advantage of Edmonton’s non-fiction literary festival being steamed to see what LitFest is all about – and wishes he had discovered it earlier.



Steve Driscoll River Rising exhibition review

Steve Driscoll’s recent exhibition at the Peter Robertson gallery evoked the turbulence of rushing rivers in vivid, bold colours. Levi Kettner, an avid white water rafter, went along to see if the paintings matched his own experience of such rushing rivers, and it did.


Dune movie review

Caelan Scott is a Dune fan, and goes to see the new Denis Villeneuve movie of the famous sci-fi novel. Not only does he think this version is the best realization of the novel, but also that it will probably be the best sci-fi movie of the decade.



Eskimo Elks: Cheering Them on to Victory

Corrinna Massey, a long-time supporter of what was then the Edmonton Eskimos, returns to Commonwealth Statdium for the football team’s new season, as they rename themselves the Edmonton Elks. The colours may be the same, but, she suggests, the glory days seem to have gone.



Vaticano Cucina restaurant review

Vaticano Cucina, on Gateway Avenue, may be the closest one can get to visiting Vatican City without leaving Edmonton, says Piper Keyes. She very much enjoys the food, too!



EdmonTEN short plays review

This year the Grindstone Tehatre presented the second annual EdmonTEN, readings of six ten-minute plays by local actors. Arden Phillips went to see what they were like, and was impressed: “…something for every Edmonton theatregoer…a fresh approach to embracing the diversity in storytelling that makes Edmonton’s theatre scene so unique.”


Dorinku Osaka restaurant review

Caelan Scott likes the atmosphere and the idea of the Dorinku Osaka Japanese street food restaurant on Jasper Avenue, and enjoys the cocktails, but is disappointed by some of the food.


5 of the best vegan eats in Edmonton: a guide

Kirsten Dika is vegan, and turns her experienced taste buds to the very best vegan meals and treats you can currently get in Edmonton, from the Cactus Club’s colourful Crispy Tofu Bowl to the mouth-watering vegan doughnuts at Doughnut Party.



Youthwrite’s Silver Jubilee review

Youthwrite, which organizes writing camps for kids and youth, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Abigail Troppmann always wanted to go one of those camps. but never got the chance. She made up for it by going to the anniversary celebrations at Edmonton’s historic McLuan House.


Remembering The Last Waltz: a tribute concert review

Douglas MacDonald is a fan of the legendary rock group The Band played their last concert in 1976, immortalized by a Martin Scorsese documentary.  Since then that concert has been recreated many times, and Douglas went to the latest reiteration at the Jubilee.


Reckoning | Unraveling | Reclaiming  review

Travis McNaught delights in finding a visual art exhibition of poetry at Strathcona County’s Gallery@501. It was the work of three Alberta poets, Nisha Patel (the Edmonton poet laureate), Temi Phillips, and Adetola Adedipe (aloT of Poetry).


A Guide to Hallowe’en events this year

Kaylene Stefaniuk has been looking at the alternatives to trick n’ treating this Hallowe’en, and has come up with something for just about everyone.



An Afternoon at the Hanna Pro Rodeo

Levi Kettner, frustrated that the Edmonton Pro Rodeo has been postponed, travels to Hanna, Alberta, to visit the Hanna Rodeo. In doing so, he finds himself being drawn in to rural Alberta.


Imagine Van Gogh Review

Imagine Van Gogh is a large immersive touring exhibition build around the works of the famous painter. Kaylene Stefaniuk went along to its Edmonton stopover at the Expo Centre, and is impressed.


Edmonton Zine (& Maker) Fair 13 Review

Piper Keyes is a fan of zines, and so she was curious to see what Clean Up Your Act Productions’ thirteenth annual Edmonton Zine (& Maker) Fair was all about. She was not disappointed, and came away with an armful of zines, stickers, and some new art for her walls.



Hands That Bind movie review

Kyle Levesque loves writer and director Kyle Armstrong’s new movie, seen at the 2021 Edmonton International Film Festival – that is, until he watched the last half-hour.


ROYGBIV exhibit at AGA: Review

AGA’s exhibit ROYGBIV is subtitled ‘A Miximalist Tribute to Colour’, and runs to January 2, 2022. Reviewer Kristen Maiorana and her boyfriend Omar found the exhibit ‘eye-opening’, and she recommends it to anyone who wants to brighten up their day.


Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival Review

Corrinna Massey visists the 2021 Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival, full of preconceptions and a little foreboding. She leaves wondering whether she should get a tattoo herself.


The Breath Exhibit at RAM: Review

Abigail Dilullo is deeply moved by the exhibition of masks at the Royal Alberta Museum, created by artists in response to their Covid-19 experiences. Includes a photo gallery of the masks.


The FARRM Animal Sanctuary Festival Day Review

The FARRM animal sanctuary outside Wetaskiwin rescues farm animals that have been abused, and is not normally open to visitors. It held an open-house fund-raising festival at the end of September, and animal-lover Kirsten Dika went to support the animals.

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