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Four Indigenous Role Models In and Around Edmonton

Chaylene Ribbonleg explores four vital Indigenous role models in the Edmonton and Alberta areas. These influencers advocate for Indigenous rights, culture and traditions.

Black Women and their Experiences with their Hair

Vanessa Agbulu shares experiences with two of her Edmonton Nigerian friends about their relationship with their hair. ““We have to straighten our hair, wear wigs to hide it or do our hair in acceptable styles in order to get and keep a job… or not get kicked out of school.”

A Tour of Edmonton Best Donairs

Chaylene Ribbonleg explores some of Edmonton’s 120 donair shops. She explores the city with friends, family and delicious food. Check out her top 5 picks in this article. 

Anna Marie Sewell’s Humane: book review

Humane by former Edmonton poet laureate Anna Marie Sewell is a First Nations crime thriller, and her first novel, but Chaylene Robbonleg doesn’t enjoy it.

An introduction into Edmonton’s Tattoo Parlors

 Chaylene Ribbonleg goes searching for a local Edmonton artist to do her next tattoo.

Remembering Grandma. Writing Pysanka.

Kelsey discusses her Ukrainian heritage and the traditions her Ukrainian Grandmother may or may not have passed down to her. She reminisces on her childhood and great memories.

Netflix's Deadly Illusions review

“Don’t get me wrong,” writes Vanessa Agbulu, ” the entire movie is filled with stale, lifeless and at many times overly dramatic acting. But here Kristin Davis manages to deliver the calibre of acting you can only find in a low-budget, straight-to-TV movie.” Nonethless, Vanessa, taking delight in watching a really bad movie, has to see its awefulness right through…

Oscar Jerome Breathe Deep Album Review

Zacharty Mann says that Oscar Jerome’s new albulm is “a steady parade of jazz, funk, neo-soul, and indie-infused pieces expertly intertwined to create a stunningly diverse and contemplative album on love, political turmoil, and identity.”

How to be a Nollywood Babe

Vanessa Agbulu introduces the babes of classic Nigerian cinema, revels in their sinful characteristics, and suggests some of those classic films to watch.

WORD*LAB featuring Daniel de Dios Review

Zachjary Mann like spoken word poetry (“I like the dimly lit atmosphere which reminds me of a smoky New York jazz cafe”), and finds an on-line venue full of local artists that keeps poets and audiences in touch during the pandemic.

How Theatre Survives in a Pandemic: an Interview with actor Shania Lehmann

Gabriella Dunn interviews a young actor on dealing with the challenges of Covid-19.

Gisa Mayer’s Mountains in Motion exhibition review

Shelby Marler enjoys GIas Mayer’s mountain paintings collection at Edmonton’s Bugera Matheson Gallery. “It brings the very elusive quality of mountains and their environment to life.”

The Royal Ballet Performs La Fille mal gardeé review

Zachary Mann returns to Frederick Ashton’s classic La Fille mal gardeé in the Royal Ballet 2015 performance recently streamed by the company, and available from their website, and reckons it’s ideal for someone who has never seen a ballet.

How to vacation at home during a pandemic

Mariana Gutierrez-Serna  realizes that she can’t go to Cancún or Paris this summer, so works out ways to take virtual vacations while staying at home.

Three Edmonton poutine restaurants: review

Six poutines, three restaurants, two people, one week: Gabriella Dunn and her partner set off in search of the classic Canadian dish.

A Blast into the Past: A Guide to Vintage Style Clothing in Edmonton

Shelby Marler introduces three Edmonton stores that allow her to indugle on vintage-style clothing, both reproduction and old.

A Mini Movie Marathon: a pandemic binge review

Ohi Ahimie spends some of the pandemic catching up on three blockbuster classic movies he has never seen: JawsThe Breakfast Club, and Star Wars.

Online dating during the pandemic (bumble review)

Mariana Gutierrez-Serna asks, “How hard could it be to find a decently respectable, funny man who was not looking for anything serious that was still open to anything?” and sees if the on-line dating app Bumble can provide the answer.

Taylor Swift's 'tolerate it': A fan theory

Sarah El-Ezaby takes Taylor Swift’s song ‘tolereate it’ from the suprise album Evermore, and tries to work out what it all means.

Tate McRae Too Young to Be Sad EP review

Jocelyn Ash is introduced by Spotify to the 17-year old Calgary singer Tate McRae, and ends up a fan of this exciting young artist.

Attack on Titan anime series review

Ohi Ahimie explains why you should watch the Japanese shonen anime Attack on Titans, whose fourth series, part 1, has recently premiered on a number of streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime.

Summer Drinking Games: A Guide

Jocelyn Ash can’t wait until Covid restrictions relax and she gets outdoors for a summer drinking game with her friends. Here she describes her five favourites, and how to play them.

Fun Ways to Recycle Prescription Bottles

We all have them, hiding away at the back of the bathroom cupboard – the empty pill bottle. Bree Meiklejohn finds creative satisfaction, therapy, and environmental satisfaction in repurposing prescription bottles, and show us how to do it.

A Dog’s Guide to Edmonton’s Dog Park Scene During COVID-19

A canine who call himself Good Boy provides Chynna Hamm with a dog’s guide to Edmonton’s dog parks.

Dvořák’s Rusalka: Metropolitan Opera stream review

Sarah El-Ezaby reviews the Metropolitan Opera’s stream of Dvořák’s Rusalka, with Kristine Opolais in the title role.

How TikTok has Revolutionized the Music Industry

Gabriella Dunn looks at three musical artists who careers were transformed by the popular app TikTok.

How Edmonton Drag Has Adapted to Online Performance

An interview with Edmonton drag performer Mars Dawn, as Bree Meiklejohn, who has started performing herself, wonders how drag artists are doing in the pandemic.

A Guide to Consignment and Thrift Stores in Edmonton

Trista Peterson, who knows her designer brands and a good bargain when she sees one, guides us through four higher-end Edmonton consignment stores.

Two Creative Hobbies for a Pandemic on a Budget

Ivet Koleva suggests taking up a creative hobby during the pandemic, and what better than painting or photography?

Amazon Prime series Fleabag review

Mariana Gutierrez-Serna is persuaded by a friend to watch Pheobe Waller-Bridge’s streaming series Fleabag, and understands why it has won so many accolades.

Balancing Life and Study: As Easy as a 4-Step Checklist

Ivet Koleva gives some tips on how to survive as an undergraduate when everything seems to be stress.

Made for Love TV series review

Trista Peterson reviews the new HBO/Amazon series Made for Love, which introduces a tiny chip that, when implanted in the minds of two lovers, allows them to hear, see, think, and dream as one.

An interactive guide to Edmonton ski hills, past and present

Kelsey Brick utilizes the power of Google Earth to create an interactive journey through the history of Edmonton’s many ski-hills, past and present.

Aditya Raghavan & Fleur Jaune Cheese: interview

The unconventional story of how a physicist from India became Edmonton’s most celebrated cheesemaker – an interview by Kelsey Brick.

Let’s get this Bread: An Intro to Baking

Ohi Ahimie decides to follow his father’s footsteps, and bake bread for the first time. Complete with easy recipes for you to follow!

FKA twigs Magdalene review

Vanessa Agbulu likes listening to melancholic songs during Covid-19, and here reviews one of her favourite sad albums: FKA twigs’ 2019 (and most recent) album, Magdalene.

During a plague, why not make art?

Gabriella Dunn is inspired by video from Vancouver and other cities showing the emptiness Covid has caused, and goes out into Edmonton to create her own.

Foo Fighters’ New Album Medicine at Midnight review

Shelby Mahler is excited that Foo Fighters have released their first new studio album since 2017, but reckons that, though it still retains the classic Foo Fighters aura, it falls short of being as innovative, memorable or inspirational as their earlier work.

Date Night at the Drive-In Opera: Edmonton Opera review

 Sarah El-Ezaby takes her friend to Edmonton Opera’s answer to the pandemic – a drive-in song recital at the back of the Jubilee Auditorium. But it’s opera and love songs, and Sarah discovers perhaps the friend is more than just a friend.

Review of the Uplifting Bestsellers: What should be next on your reading list?

Ivet Koleva selects four recent bestsellers from her Covid reading list, all of which are, in their own ways, uplifting.

Albertan TikTok Influencers That You Should Be Following

 Jocelyn Ash wonders whether there are any exciting TikTok creators from Alberta, and discovers that, indeed, there are, from a make-up lip-sync creative artist to an 87-year old grandmother.

Easter Baking at Home

Housebound by Covid, Chynna Hamm gets to work on some Easter baking for herself (recipes included!)

A Guide to Edmonton’s Wicca, Pagan, and Metaphysical Stores

Bree Meiklejohn doesn’t identify as a Wiccan, but she does browse metaphysical stores to pick up supplies for her own practice. Here she tells us about four of Edmonton’s best.

SkirtsAfire and Ballet Edmonton: Body of Words review

 Zachary Mann reviews the “heart-wrenchinig combination of dance, music and poetry” that was the on-line installation Body of Words, at the 2021 SkirtsAfire’s Festival.

Interview with Drew Shalka of FKB

  The up-and-coming Edmonton rock band FKB have made the post of Covid-19 performance restrictions, Shelby Mahler learns from frontman Drew Shalka.

Flying Canoë Volant Festival 2021 review

   Trista Peterson and her parents were impressed that the spectacular outdoors Flying Canoë Volant festival was so effective, given all the constraints of Covid-19.

YYC Hot Chocolate Fest Review

 Stuck down in Calgary because of Covid, Celine De Capite takes solace in Calgary’s hot chocolate festival, and pities us Edmontonians…

Old Strathcona Sweet Treats and Latte Festival Review

Chynna Hamm and her boyfriend try the baking and latte treats on offer in Old Strathcona.

International Festival of Winter Cinema preview

 The International Festival of Winter Cinema remains in-person this year, with 51 movies to watch. Ivet Koleva looks at the Festival, and selects three must-watch offerings.

Trista's Guide to Vegan Eats in Edmonton

Trista Peterson extols the food in nine Edmonton vegan restaurants, and hopes that a tenth, closed because of Covid, will return.

Cocktails in Quarantine

cocktails  Jocelyn Ash misses going out to the bar for a cocktail, so for Covid she tried making them herself. She had never done so before…

Edmonton Opera’s Moonstruck vs. La Bohème review

  Sarah El-Ezaby watches the third episode in Edmonton Opera’s Opera 101 series, that compares a well-known opera with a similar well-known movie. Here the works are Puccini’s La Bohème and Norman Jewison’s movie Moonstruck, starring Cher and Nicolas Cage.

Global Game Jam 2021 review

 Ohi Ahimie attempts to create a new video game in two days flat in the Edmonton section of the Global Game Jam, and is reminded of an old saying that “shooting a target isn’t about hitting the bullseye, but rather that you took aim in the first place.”

Chinatown Dining Week review

 Chinatown’s restaurants aren’t confined to Chinese food. Mariana Gutierrez-Serna takes away from three very different restaurants during Chinatown Dinign Week, with happy results.

Guide to the antique scene in the Strathcona area

 Brie Meiklejohn looks at two antique malls and two antique stores, all close to eachother in the Strathcona area, and delights in what they have to offer.

A walk through Edmonton graveyards

Emily Keen, looking for solace and the outdoors during Covid-19 shutdown, discovers unexpected rewards in Edmonton’s graveyards.

Morgan Wallen: Dangerous, the Double Album review

Writing just before Morgan Wallen was widely banned after using a racial slur, Chynna Hamm found him mixing die-hard country with country-pop on his phenomenally successful new release, Dangerous, the Double Album.

A 2021 Valentine's Day Survival Guide

Celine De Capite suggests all kinds of things to do in Edmonton on a Valentine’s Day when Covid restrictions will be in force.

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