In the first episode of Spotlight Edmonton, Laura Mushumanski and Jake Cardinal discuss passion projects, current Indigenous peoples’ issues in North America, health, and what it means to be Indigenous.

Jake Cardinal’s podcast interview with Laura Mushumanski

“When I was younger, I thought being metis [was] drunks, drug addicts, fornicators, you know, working the sex trade. Like, the rankest shit around. . . And I thought that was normal!”


Laura Mushumanski is the creator and coordinator of the Indigenous Campus Community Nutrition Program (ICCNP). The program emphasizes the importance of building healthy and meaningful symbiotic relationships within Indigenous communities and under-represented demographics.

The program presents a series of free workshops, following the Programs goals to “’empower Indigenous Peoples to build healthy and meaningful symbiotic relationships’, through the use of: shelter; food; land; money; wildlife; friends; family; culture; language; and, inner peace (ourselves).”

Full details of the workshops can be found here.